Bee and PuppyCat Premieres Tomorrow – You Should be Excited

The long wait has finally come to an end. The much anticipated Bee and PuppyCat premiere is tomorrow! Bee and PuppyCat is the newest installment by Frederator Studio’s Cartoon Hangover project. It was created by Natasha Allegri, known for her character design and storyboard art for Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. The show is going to be fantastic, I promise. Keep reading to know why you should be excited.

Bee and PuppyCat is Crowd Funded

A lot of PuppyCats...?
Frederator is an animation company that has worked on many of your favorite television shows. They have animated The Fairly Odd Parents, ChalkZone, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and my current favorite, Adventure TimeBee and PuppyCat was released by Frederator as a single episode last year with no official backing from any major media company. The Frederator Studios Cartoon Hangover project released the video on their YouTube channel in hopes of building some momentum, like they do with many of the studio’s side projects. After releasing part of the short, they moved on to create a Kickstarter Project and successfully raised over $870,000 to start the series.

With no restraints or requirements from media companies like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, the studio and creator have the ability to keep the show completely within the creator’s bounds. The show is exactly what they want it to be and no one has to tell them otherwise. This means that we get the real deal.

Perfect(ly Random) Humor

Bee throwing some candy

One of my favorite bits of Adventure Time has to do with their humor. Not sure what I mean? You can go do a search on YouTube for some funny parts of the show (you could also look at this video to get you started). Given the creator, Natasha Allegri, worked on Adventure Time, this random humor has obviously reached into Bee and PuppyCat. We get a crazy girl with crazy adventures who stumbles across a cat (or maybe a dog?) and then gets to go have crazy adventures. What a great idea! The prize moments of the show are certainly in its humor. Here are some GIF’d examples.

Waking up after a bad dream

Bee searching for trash

Bee and PuppyCat work to destroy a monster

See? Don’t these images just convince you? Well, if not, keep reading and then watch the episode embedded below.

Overarching Plot

Now, one episode may fail to keep you hooked to a complex, amazing, and wonderful plot , but the show does start to set your expectations. We realize that the universe is much bigger than Bee thought, and that they’ll have to work a bunch of odd jobs (generated by a computer system in space) to get money to function in the real world. Both Bee and PuppyCat will have to work to become great friends, allies, and essentially business partners.

That’s a great start, but there’s also one last bit that you should know. In the first episode, PuppyCat tells Bee and one of the other characters a story about a Space Outlaw. This Space Outlaw, after falling in love with the Space King’s daughter, was transformed by a furious Space King into a monster. One rightfully assumes that this is resolved when they defeat an actual monster that shortly appears. However, this is where things get interesting. At the end of the episode, Bee promises PuppyCat that she’ll help him come up with a better ending to his “story.” As Bee turns the lights off in the room, the Space Outlaw’s reflection flashes on the window that PuppyCat is staring into. Does this mean PuppyCat is the Space Outlaw? Will Bee and PuppyCat figure out what to do? I don’t know! We’ll just have to watch and find out!

Final Thoughts

Anyway, it isn’t much, but I’m super excited for Bee and PuppyCat‘s premiere. The show looks to be fantastic and full of awesomeness. I’ve imbedded the first episode below so you can get caught up and be ready for the next episode. You can also look for the new episode starting tomorrow (November 6th) at Cartoon Hangover’s YouTube account or perhaps on the Bee and PuppyCat Blog. Hope that you enjoy the show as much as I plan to!

Final note: All GIF images were found on Tumblr. There are so many reposts and different forms of the images that it is hard to credit them to their creators.
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