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Black Thunder is a Japanese chocolate bar that hopes to debut in the U.S. this October 9th.

Imagine taking an Oreo, milk’s famous lover, and crumbling it into tiny chucks, then bathing those crumbly bits in sweet milk chocolate. BOOM!! This is the legendary Japanese chocolate bar known as Black Thunder! Words fail to describe the epic deliciousness of this hidden Japanese treasure. You may think I’m overreacting, but on October 9th, America will know the power of Black Thunder!

The infamous chocolate bar first struck in Toyohashi city. Created by the Yuraku Confectionery Company in 1994, it originally targeted college students living in the Chubo and Kanto regions of Japan (i.e. Tokyo, Yokohama, Toyohashi). The selling point stemmed from the deliciousness and cheap price of the bar. One bar sold at around 30 yen which is about 30 cents, and continues to sell at this price today.Because of the easy access and low prices, college students flocked to indulge on what would slowly become a nation wide obsession.

But Yuraku Confectionery Company didn’t mass produce their hidden treasure to begin with; the bar relied heavily on Kuchikomide or word of mouth. They believed that their main source of advertisement should be through the college students. Students after trying the bar would spread the news to their friends from other schools, who would then beg for Black Thunder to be sold in their areas. Through this process, Black Thunder swept the college campuses in the regions and soon Seven-Eleven stores everywhere sold the chocolate phenomena.

Black Thunder no longer targets just college students, but evidence of its past marketing campaign still exists today. Just look at the Japanese wrapper; you can see Japanese characters aimed at a younger audience. You may expect them to be normal slogans like “best chocolate bar ever” or “chocolate covered cookie bar”, but you would be wrong. One slogan says, ” A big hit among the young ladies!” Another says, ” Taste the deliciousness of lightning!” Sadly, these quirky phrases will not be included on the American version of the bar.

Over the past twenty years, the Black Thunder creators distributed multiple variations of their hit product, some of which are still in production. Some of the more popular variations are Big ThunderBlack Thunder Mini-BarsDear Girl ThunderWhite Black Thunder and Morning Thunder. Each bar possess its own unique flavor and interesting back story which I would love to share with everyone at a later time.

While Black Thunder bars sell for around 32 yen each in Japan, the price might raise when it reaches America, according to the Yuraku Confectionery Company Facebook page. Also, the stores that will sell Black Thunder are currently unknown. While these details stall, Yuraku hopes to bring the bars to America soon after October 9th.

For more details, look on the Yuraku Confectionery Company Facebook page (Japanese only) or check back here to Denvoros for more on Black Thunder!! The black storm brews slowly, but thunder will strike!

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