What is all this?

So, welcome to Denvoros. This is, what you might call, a nerdy blog. But, we promise it isn’t your standard nerdy blog. We’re getting things set up here, so please pardon the dust.

We are a brand new site. What does this entail? Well, we don’t know what we’re exactly going to do with it just yet. We figure that we’ll talk a lot about video games, science, movies, TV shows and other awesome stuff to keep you entertained. That’s right, entertainment. We want you to have fun here.

We believe that there is a lot to offer to the Internet in terms of ideas, analysis, review, and sharing. So, please, join with us. Grab a bowl of ice cream, and enjoy what we offer here.

Check back often for new updates and such.

David Van Komen Written by:

I am just an abnormal normal guy that loves the Internet, physics, and lots of other great and wonderful things. Though I don't seem it, I enjoy writing about whatever interests me.

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