On Saturday, my sister and I went and planted the seeds necessary for our family garden which we have in our awesome backyard. After cleaning up the yard, we proceeded to mix up the soil, re-grid the boxes, and proceed to plant the seeds. It was quite the adventure of planting and watering.

When we garden, we have this very interesting system to confuse pests, and to make it easier to track what kind of plant is what as the seeds are just sprouting. It is a big old grid system. Each of our three boxes are divided up into about 1×1 squares in a grid pattern. We use string to mark off which goes to which. We can evenly divide our garden from there to decide what kind of vegetables and herbs that we want for the entire year with this awesome system.

This year we’re planting a variety of plants, like pumpkins, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, and quite a few others. It’ll be a chore to water the garden each day, but it should yield beneficial results for my family, even though I’ll be gone when they’re reaping the benefits of this work. However, I enjoy being out in the sun and doing some work, even when it gets hot and tiresome. Work is good for the body, and it keeps us fit.

Gardening is good for you, in a nutritional, physical, and even emotional state. Nothing like going outside to just vent off some anger and/or disappointment (though that’s not what I was doing).

Maybe it’ll rain tomorrow.

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