Family Tech Support Unable to Leave State

So I apparently can’t move out of state because my family depends on my intimate knowledge of technology. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most knowledgeable person with technology, and I’m not an IT guy. I just know enough to help fix all of my family’s problems. So I guess I can’t leave as the Family Tech Support dude.

You know how everyone gets new technology for Christmas? Well, someone has to be there to help them start using it. Whether it’s a new phone that needs data transferred or a new router device that needs to be set up, I’m pretty reliable to get it done. In fact, that’s what I did the last few days.

Immediately upon returning home after Christmas celebrations, I had to set up our new router system. It wasn’t too difficult, but it came with some new features that I had to help my parents figure out. Getting it to work fully has been a multi-day project, but at least the wifi is now fast all throughout the house.

I’ve also had to fix a cell phone’s voicemail. Visual voicemail wasn’t working in my mom’s phone because we took an Android SIM card and threw it in her old iPhone. It was pretty clever to save some money on getting a new phone, but it broke her voicemail. After doing some research and playing around with network settings, we had to call Verizon to get them to reset it on their end. Make sure you push for Tier 2 support if you ever have problems like this; they’re used to it. The moral of the story, however, is to never put an Android SIM card in an iPhone. Apple is too picky and stingy to use the same protocols.

Then, today, I had to help fix my grandma’s computer. It has been super slow the last few times I’ve tried to do anything on it, and I had to figure out why. Turns out she’s been holding hundreds of thousands of pictures in her Photos app. She also had an incredibly large iPhotos library that contained many of the same photos. Basically, macOS likes to think that you’re going to want access to those photos at any time so it tries to reserve a portion of memory for them.

In a Photos database over 100GB, that starts to cause problems. So, I began the process of uploading them all to her Google Photos account (which is fabulous, by the way) so that we have a cloud-based back up. When that finishes in a few days, she can go ahead and remove tons of photos from her library. Problem (soon-to-be) solved.

Therefore what

Now, I might seem a bit upset that the majority of my Christmas Break has been devoted to solving technical problems for my family. I’m not because I actually enjoy doing these things. I’ve always enjoyed solving problems and am fundamentally interested in how problems arise and what can be done to fix them.

Sure I would like to take it easy, but I enjoy this a little too much. I’ll find my relaxation time in the next week before I go back to school. At least I get the satisfaction of my family having working technology in the meantime.

So, long story short, be nice to the people in your family that can solve your problems. They’re really useful, even if it means that you won’t let them leave the state.

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    December 28, 2017

    Appreciated you are.

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