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So, in case you didn’t know, I just spent a week at Disneyland with my family last month. We had loads of fun and I learned a lot about the park and the people that go there. For a brief rundown of my adventures, head inside this here post. I have some articles that I’ll be writing soon about how to be successful in Disneyland, as there were many things that make the trip super enjoyable.

Disneyland was pretty much one of the best trips I’ve been on with my family in a long time. Even though we were there during the busiest days of the week, we still had a ton of fun. I’ve learned, as I’ve grown older, that waiting in line is not a bad thing. Time moves so quickly now that I’m older, so it is fine by me to wait for something that I’d like to do. I think that have become much more patient with myself, events, and even other people as I’ve gotten older, and it really helps with many things that I do.

As for some trip highlights, I’d first like to mention the many different people that we observed. Even at Disneyland, there is quite a “mob mentality” present, especially when there are significant amounts of people present. I couldn’t believe how rushed people were at Disneyland. One father almost knocked me down as I was casually walking to the new Star Tours (no i did not just write Star Trek) ride. Disneyland is an exciting place, but there’s no need to rush through it all, especially if you end up spending multiple days at the park.

Another type of person that I observed were the teenage girls that thought that they looked good in short-shorts and tank-tops. I don’t like that kind of apparel to begin with, but it gets exponentially worse when there are overweight teenage girls wearing that kind of clothing. Modesty is a wonderful tool and preference to keep you looking unattractive and frankly gross. I hate talking bad about people, but this seriously got on my nerves.

Then there were the crazy people. Those who thought that they were the only ones there and that everything was just for them. Like at the newer World of Color over at California Adventure that my friend and I encountered. We were there a few hours before the performance so that we could secure a decent viewing spot, as we got our fast passes for the event (more to come on that), but there were some people that arrived earlier than we did and rushed as fast as they could to get the front row seats at the event (even though they aren’t seats). However, they got what was coming to them, as the people that are at the very front get wet.

Another thing about Disneyland is its cast members. So many of them are just cheerful people that just want to help you have a fun time. If you ever want to learn about the park, such as occuring events, trends, or other information, it helps to talk to some of the cast members there. Being nice to them really pays off. One man that I talked to was trying to explain the rules of FastPasses (something that I’ve known about for years) to a family that was struggling. He explained it several times, but the family still wasn’t getting it. Finally, they understood, even though they walked away with fairly confused faces. After that event, I had a full on conversation with that man about how often conversations like that actually occur. He replied that it happens more than he wanted to admit. We also discussed various attractions at the park, like Star Tours (no i didn’t do it again) and how many different combinations you could get on that ride. I think he said that there were 54 combinations total.

As we waited for Fantasmic to start, there was another staff member that was doing security rounds that we chatted to. Turns out he was a friend of our friend, so we were able to talk to him about many things. After telling us all about his life, he told us about a super-secret event that was occurring the next night in the park. We later discovered that they were filming something on the Tom Sawyer (Pirate…?) island. I have no clue what it actually was, but it was cool to learn a bit about it.

Some other things that really made the trip memorable were things I did with my whole family. Like finally showing up my dad on Buzz Lightyear Astro-Blasters after a few years of just falling short. He really knew how to work that ride, and I finally caught on. Another awesome thing was going on the Star Tours ride for the first time and being absolutely amazed at the hard work that went into the ride and how successful it was.

This trip to Disneyland was really a super-fun, final trip that I could have with my family. It really brought back so many memories of previous trips to the park that I cherish. I was offered a chance to go somewhere else for this trip, but I think Disneyland was the absolute best choice. I grew up with Disney and I still love it.

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