Colds Suck

Yes, I am recovering from a cold. I really quite despise them.

Colds are like a message from our bodies that we did something wrong, except that we didn’t know that we were doing something wrong. It is a strange feeling, but I think my body doesn’t like me today.

Apparently when I have a cold, I get pretty ┬áirritated quite quickly. I don’t mean to be angry at people, but it happens. I get tired really quickly when I have a cold too. I fell asleep very quickly last night, and I don’t even know how that really happened.

Colds suck. Especially right before we head out to Disneyland for a week of a wonderful vacation with my family. Hopefully it clears up before we leave tomorrow.

Also, the new theme for my site is getting close to being done, so hopefully it’ll make things better here. I also plan to have bunches of pictures and stuff from Disneyland along with about a post per day whilst on the trip. And that’s it.

Maybe it’ll rain tomorrow.

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