About Me

I am David. I am a musical, analytical, and extremely intelligent. I am currently attending BYU investing my time in becoming a Physics Major. I attended Riverton High School and really enjoyed my time learning there.

I am on BYU’s Drumline, playing the Snare Drum. Before BYU’s Drumline, I was a member of Riverton’s successful Drumline program, and I really enjoyed playing with them. I was also a member and section leader of the Riverton High School Percussion Ensemble, Steel Drum Band, and Symphonic Band. However fun High School was, I am really enjoying myself at BYU, drumming and studying.

In my spare time, I also code websites. I am the creator, founder, and webmaster of Pokemon Dungeon, a growing Pokemon Site that has huge potential in becoming one of the greatest Pokemon sites in existence. Though we have huge obstacles to overcome, I feel that we can become a great site.

I also really enjoy math and physics. I’m working to become a Physics major (at least at this point in time, as it could easily change). Math has always come easily to me, so its pretty fun for me to pursue a physics major. Maybe, if I feel like it, I’ll do a double major or a minor in Music or web development, as I’m really interested in both of those subjects as well.

So yeah, that’s pretty much me. A (not-so) regular guy that loves physics, music, and coding. Thus the reason why my blog is called “Decoding the Ghost Tap.”